What it Means to Date as a Kick-Ass Single Mom in a Modern World of Gender Role Confusion

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In the den today, we’re empowering single mommies to get out there and get the money they deserve, and the sex they really want – without any shame.

Today’s guest, Emma Johnson, is an award-winning financial journalist, podcaster, and author. Her book, The Kick-Ass Single Mom, is THE ultimate resource for single mothers who are unsure of how to navigate the new waters they are swimming in. It guides women through achieving financial independence, positive parenting, co-parenting, healthy dating and thriving as a professional, single mom.

Dating for Single Moms [10:29]

Where is it written that moms aren’t supposed to date? Embracing your womanhood after a broken relationship can be and should be empowering and fun. It isn’t shameful for a single mom to date, enjoy her body or sex. So ladies, embrace your humanity. It will be expressed to your kids in a positive way.

Remember, dating doesn’t have to be about finding a husband. As successful, educated women, we have the means to create our own happiness and should embrace this opportunity.

Marriage is a Risk for a Woman [17:58]

Emma answers the basic questions single mothers have about getting married again, financial impacts, and how some men react to a woman’s success. She says women downplay the fact that they can have it all. It’s all about women owning their own lives and not focusing on external influences that could bring them down.

Make it work based on what you want for yourself, not what is expected of you.

How a Single Mommy Can Handle it All  [25:24]

If single moms make these three things a priority, everything else will fall into place:

1. Assess where exactly their time, energy, and money are going.
2. Outsource all the other stuff and focus on running their businesses.
3. Take care of themselves!

Whatever your hang up is, get out there and get over it.

Truth: Men love pussy way more than you hate your body!

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