Here are some new words to describe intrusive male behavior

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Men do bad things with shocking consistency — that’s why we have words like manspreading, mansplaining, and hepeating.

But there’s an endless listing of other male flaws out there that are as yet unlabeled … up to now. Kind of.

The list below should help better prepare you for the next time you have to interact with a man. Use these words to properly — but probably not that easily — point out bad male behavior.

You’re welcome.


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“Man”+ “listening.” This one is probably the most straightforward. Men are bad listeners. Duh !! Scream this word the next time a man isn’t listening, preferably in public.


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“Man”+ “standing.” This word refers to when a man decides to stand directly over you even though he doesn’t need anything from where you are. Or, when you’re standing at the counter at a cafe and the man in line behind you is standing directly behind you even though you’re not done checking out yet. Whatever situation it is, it’s not okay, and now you have a word for it when you sue him.


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“Man”+ “feasting.” Are you ensure a trend yet? This word refers to when a human literally begins eating you. You can typically detect signs of this if he starts turning on burners, heating up the oven, or building some sort of marinade. But beware, if he says, “It’s DINNER time! ” and turns the lightings on and off in quick succession, you’ve already lost. Is this one only us? Ignore it then.


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This word is arguably the worst but bear with us. We know this isn’t the easiest to say, but it can be used to help stop humen from talking about Rick and Morty all the time, and when they’re not talking about Rick and Morty all the time, they’re harassing others about Rick and Morty all the time. Why do they do that? I thought it was a kids’ present? Women watch Rick and Morty too, but they’re innocent in God’s eyes.


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And we’re back to the basics with this word, but we added a little capitalization for dramatic effect. Are you happy now? Don’t let anyone put you down for saying these, it’s just more direct this route. This is when a man explains various details about World War I to you because he assumes you don’t know about World War I yourself. And it’s true you didn’t pay attention in history class in high school, but now you’ve listened to Dan Carlin’s “Hardcore History” podcast so you know what’s up.


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Yes, you guessed it! This term refers to when a human speaks. Before he even utters his first word, shout this to any ladies nearby who will then help you dispose of him.

And there you have it. Did we basically just add “man” in front of a bunch of different words? Yes. But do men do these things wrong in their everyday lives? YES!

Now you have a few more words in your arsenal in the never-ending fight against intrusive male behavior, and hey, we devoted it our best shot.

And if you need to devise a word of your own, we’re pretty sure you know the formula by now.

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